Château Belle Vue

Holiday Cottages facing the Pyrenees

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Terms & Conditions

Ma­king a re­ser­va­tion

1. Check avai­la­bi­li­ty using the ac­cess but­ton “A­vai­la­bi­li­ty” on the web­site, or go to the Con­tat page and com­p­lete the “Con­tact us” form.

2. To con­firm a re­ser­va­tion, we will send you a con­t­ract to be si­g­ned and re­tur­ned to us ac­com­pa­nied by a de­po­sit amoun­ting to 50% of the to­tal cost of the lease.


If a con­fir­med boo­king is can­cel­led af­ter paying the 50% de­po­sit but over 3 months be­fore the start of the ren­tal pe­r­iod, a can­cel­la­tion charge of 25% will be made. If a con­fir­med boo­king is can­cel­led wi­t­hin 3 months of the start of the ren­tal pe­r­iod, the to­tal amount of the de­po­sit will be re­tai­ned. If ho­we­ver, the re­le­vant ren­tal pe­r­iod is sub­sequent­ly let, an ad­mi­nis­t­ra­tive fee of 20% will be re­tai­ned and the ba­lance re­fun­ded. If there is a dif­fe­rence in rent re­cei­ved, S.A.R.L Les Gites de Belle Vue will be en­tit­led to re­tain the dif­fe­rence.

Me­t­hod of pay­ment

Pay­ment in eu­ros, by cheque or bank trans­fer to ac­count of: S.A.R.L Les Gites de Belle Vue , net of any bank charges, or ex­c­hange fees, and ot­her charges.

Our prices in­c­lude all charges ex­cept te­le­p­hone costs un­less prior ag­ree­ment and ex­p­li­cit­ly sta­ted in the lease con­t­ract.

Laun­d­ry and clea­ning

For ren­tals we can sup­p­ly li­nen at an ex­t­ra charge per per­son. We can al­so un­der­take the clea­ning at the end of the stay, at an ad­di­tio­nal cost.

No smo­king

Les Gites de Belle Vue has a st­rict No Smo­king po­li­cy in­side all buil­dings.

No ani­mals

Pets are not al­lo­wed.

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